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The new stage adaptation of the animated film “Tangled” opens Nov. 14 aboard the Disney Magic Cruise Ship. Go behind the scenes and get to know the cast of the new 60-minute adaptation that features three new songs.

Composer Alan Menken and lyricist Glenn Slater adapted the film for the stage adaptation that premiered Nov. 11 on Disney Magic. Director Gordon Greenberg is helming Tangled.

Disney's Tangled Stage Musical Opens at Sea Tonight! | Playbill

Tangled celebrates its official opening Nov. 14. While the production is currently only slated to play the Disney Magic cruise line, sources tell that the creative team is eager to see the show expanded into a full-length stage musical.

First Look at the New Rapunzel's Royal Table on the Disney Magic ...

Disney created a completely immersive experience for the production, which transforms the 977-seat Walt Disney Theatre into a “fanciful Bavarian kingdom, immersing audiences in Rapunzel’s world and making them feel a part of her story.”

Enchanted Dining Awaits at Rapunzel's Royal Table Aboard the ...

The cast includes Elisha Ainsley as Rapunzel, Jimmy Larkin (Guard/Drunk Thug/Lantern Seller), David Wright Jr. (Guard, Gunther Thug, Townsperson), Nick Pankuch (Flynn Rider), Cate Cozzens (Queen, Fan, Killer Thug), Elliott Litherland (King/Captain/Thor Thug), Kyle Blair (Sage/Guard/Hook Hand Thug/Baker), Alison Davi (Lady/Fan/Guard/Wild Girl), Maris Fernandes (Lady/Fan/Guard/Fruit Seller), Courtney Leigh Halford (Nurse/Fan/Atilla Thug/Town Mom), Jeffrey Todd Stevens (Stabbington/Big Nose Thug/Flag Seller), Jacob Chancellor (Stabbington, Vladimir Thug/Metals Seller), Charis Vaughn (Fan, Bruiser Thug, Balloon Seller), Sydney Patrick (Girl/Fan), Katie Whetsell (Mother Gothel), Emma Burkholder (Rapunzel Double/Townsperson/Puppeteer), David Colston Corris (Maximus/Guard), Eric Deiboldt (Boy/Ulf Thug/Guard) and Jack Hazelton (Flynn Double/Fang/Townsperson/Puppeteer), along with swings Karl Urban and Raye Lederman.

1 rapunzel - When In Manila

GAIL BENNETT AS MOTHER GOTHEL IN ... | Rapunzel cosplay, Disney ...

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TANGLED Disney Broadway Musical


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