ART EVENTS New York September 14 Daily Newsletter

ART EVENTS New York  September 14 Daily Newsletter

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ART EVENTS New York  September 14 Daily Newsletter


Svetlana 77 Madison St reception: Jasper Marsalis Flash Blindness 6-8

40 Ludlow 40 Ludlow St reception: Felipe Merida Santos curated by Christopher Brumfield 6-10

Con Artist 119 Ludlow St reception: Mor Totem 6-10

James Cohan 291 Grand St reception: Grace Weaver Best Life 6-8

LMAKbooks+design 298 Grand St exhibition: Book Conversations: Part I Micheal Bauer, Sang-ah Choi, Dorothy Project, Carter Hodgkin, Matthew Bede Murphy, Natasha Sweeten, and Matthew Weinstein 6-8

Canada 333 & 331 Broome St reception: Katherine Bradford Friends and Strangers 6-8

signs and symbols 102 Forsyth St reception: Wermke/Leinkauf (Matthias Wermke and Mischa Leinkauf ) I Think It’s Safe to Say 6-8

Proxyco 168 Suffolk St Edgar reception: Edgar Orlaineta We Do No Work Alone 6-8

Helena Anrather 28 Elizabeth St reception: Mahmoud Khaled I Want You To Know That I Am Hiding Something From You 6-8

+81 Gallery 167 Elizabeth St reception: Britney TOKYO Art Show in New York 6-8

ART EVENTS New York  September 14 Daily Newsletter

The Hole 312 Bowery reception: Jim Joe What Does It Mean and How Did You Choose It 6-8

Resobox 91 E 3 Japanese product exhibition: WA-gokoro NYC 11-5

ART EVENTS New York  September 14 Daily Newsletter

ART EVENTS New York September 14 Daily Newsletter

Sponsored by Real Estate company

Henry Madison Group  


ART EVENTS New York  September 14 Daily Newsletter

Chashama 273 Bleecker St reception: Katya Grokhovsky Theater of the Mundane 6-9

Whitney Museum of American Art  99 Gansevoort St book signing: James Romberger and Marguerite Van Cook 7 Miles A Second 7:30-9 free; performance: ITSOFOMO (In the Shadow of Forward Motion), by David Wojnarwicz and Ben Neill, presented as part of the David Wojnarwicz retrospective 8 $25



Fort Gansevoort 5 9th Ave reception: Christopher Myers Let the Mermaids Flirt With Me 6-8

Lennon, Weinberg 514 W 25 reception: Stephen Westfall The Patchwork Veil 6-8

Greene Naftali 508 W 26 exhibition: Trisha Baga Mollusca & the Pelvic Floor

Thomas Erben 526 W 26 reception: Aditi Singh So Much the Less Complete 6-8:30

Benrubi 521 W 26 reception: Rachel Lena Esterline Heaven is a Strip Club; Mel Frank While We Were Criminals 6-8

NYPL Celeste Bartos Forum 476 5th Ave conversation: Written Matter Gabriel Orozco with Paul Holdengräber 7 $40




Henrique Faria 35 E 67  Reception: Myra Landau Rhythm, Time and Space; Jaime Gili The Dark Paintings 6-9

Taka Ishii 23 E 67   Reception: Yuki Katsura 6-8

Asia Society 725 Park Ave exhibition:  The Progressive Revolution: Modern Art for a New India; panels: Writing the Indian Modern on what is “modern” about modern Indian art? Yashodhara Dalmia, Gayatri Sinha, and Zehra Jumabhoy4-5:30; panel: Collecting the Indian Modern moderated by Boon Hui Tan 6-9; part of Season of India Event Series

Mnuchin 45 E 78 Reception:  Ed Clark A Survey 5:30-7:30

Jewish Museum 1109 Fifth Ave  Exhibition: Chagall, Lissitzky, Malevich: The Russian Avant-Garde in Vitebsk, 1918-1



Bard Graduate Center Gallery 18 W 86 exhibition: Agents of Faith: Votive Objects in Time and Place

Francis M. Naumann 24 W 57 reception Gray Foy Drawings 1941-1975 6-8

St. Paul the Apostle Church 1 W 60 reception: Frabjous Michael Berube, Gloria Adams, Andy Van Dinh, Christina Ballantyne, Carol Radsprecher, Peter Hoffmeister, Oksana Prokopenko, Julia Whitney Barnes, Mark Attebery, Michelle Droll, Paul Anagnostopoulos, Sarah Chapman, James Vanderberg, EunSun Choi, Jessica Mensch, Madhini Nirmal, Malin Arbrahamsson, Sandra Mack-Valencia, Sarah Gutwirth, curated by Joel Carreiro,  Lili Jamail, and Dionis Ortiz 7-9


ART EVENTS New York  September 14 Daily Newsletter

ART EVENTS New York September 14 Daily Newsletter

Sponsored by Real Estate company

Henry Madison Group  


ART EVENTS New York  September 14 Daily Newsletter
Long Island CIty NY

Self-Taught Genius Gallery 29-47 32nd Place Long Island CIty panel discussion & celebration: Queens Memory Program:  Quilting Memories of Migration 6:30-8:30 free, reservation suggested

Book Culture 26-09 Jackson Ave Long Island City book talk and signing: Louie Gasparro Don1, the King from Queens: Life and Photos of a NYC Transit Graffiti Master and Kolorstorm: The Art of Louie “Kr.One” Gasparro 7

Areté 67 West St Greenpoint reception: Group Exhibition and Celebration of Official Launch of Flat Files Program Patricia Fabricant, Friedman-Havens, Sabrina Marques, Cheryl Molnar, Julianne Nash and Jung Eun Parkcurated by Fay Ku 6-9


Williamsburg NY

The Hoxton 97 Wythe Ave Williamsburg talk: Let’s Talk About Art: The Hoxton x Public Art Fund video experience featuring excerpts from 2017 city-wide exhibition, Commercial Break; hosted by Associate Curator Daniel S. Palmer.5:30-7:30 free reservation Eventbritee

No.4 Studio 361 Stagg St East Williamsburg reception: Dan Flanagan Dismiss Whatever Insults You 7-10



The Chimney  200 Morgan Ave Bushwick reception: Atsunobu Kohira Seek Hope, Who Enter Here 6:30-9

Luhring Augustine Bushwick 25 Knickerbocker Ave Bushwick reception: Yasumasa Morimura In the Room of Art History 6-8

Interstate 66 Knickerbocker Ave Bushwick Ficus Interfaith (Ryan Bush and Raphael Cohen) Frame House Whereabouts 6-9

Transmitter 1329 Willoughby Ave Bushwick reception: An Animal Unto Itself Hilary Baldwin and Anna Ortiz 6-9

ART EVENTS New York  September 14 Daily Newsletter

ART EVENTS New York September 14 Daily Newsletter

Sponsored by Real Estate company

Microscope 1329 Willoughby Ave Bushwick reception: Allison Somers Phototropism 6-9

Century Pictures 1329 Willoughby Ave Bushwick reception: A.R. Penck Marks of Dissent 6-8

Koenig & Clinton 1329 Willoughby Ave Bushwick reception: Nicole Miller For Now 6-9

TSA 1329 Willoughby Ave Bushwick reception: Still Big Priscilla Fusco, Ethan Greenbaum, Kira Nam Greene, Eric Hibit, Myeongsoo Kim, John Newman, Sarah Peters, Chelsey Pettyjohn, Adrianne Rubenstein, Roger White, B. Wurtz, Crys Yin, curated by Sun You 6-9

Fisher Parrish 238 Wilson Ave Bushwick reception: Tactical Grace Tricia Keightley & Chris Beeston 6-8

Brooklyn Museum 200 Eastern Parkway Prospect Heights exhibitions: Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power  

321 Gallery 321 Washington Ave Clinton Hill receeption: Laura Hunt Motorcycle Covers 6-9

UsagiNY 163 Plymouth St Dumbo reception: The Vernacular of Landscape Rob Stephenson, Diana Nygren, Patrick Warner, Tim Dechent, Lewis Ableidinger, Nathanial Schmidt, Emmanuel Monzon, Roger Grasas, Michael Wriston, Nick Zukauskas, Daniel George, Adrien Blondel, Ivan Echevarria, John Sanderson, Paul Sisson, Sandro Katalina, Brooks Geenen, James Doyle, Christiaan Kritzinger, Raul Guillermo, Tod Kapke, Cody Schlabaugh, Cristian Ordonez, Balint Alovits, Pratya Jankong, Danny Rowton, FeiFan Zhang, Reid Elem, Anthony Onesta, Joshua Oldfield, Ryan Parker, Maxime Taillez, Balazs Fromm, Julian Reid, Franck Doussot, Dineke Versluis, Irene Tondelli, Cody Bratt, Matthew Portch, Leonardo Magrelli, Christian Kondic, Solange Adum-Abdala, Kyle Everett Smith, Berber Theunissen, Dan Mariner, Michael Garbutt, Fred Guillaud, Mattia Paladini, Yorgos Efthymiadis, Stephen Berry, Lawrence Braun, Will Cox, Morgane Erpicum, Liam McMillan, Pol Viladoms, Jeff Phillips, Chris Bennett & Chris Round, curated by Noah Valdeck 7-9

GMK 166 Lefferts Av 2nd Fl Prospect-Lefferts Gardens The Synergy of Singular Voices Pamella Allen, Deborah Singletary, Jorge Valdes and Ken Wright, curated by Michelle Kerr 5-9

Established Gallery and Thrift 75b 6th Ave Prospect Heights inaugural exhibition reception: Aaron Hauck Interiors 6-9

LIU Humanities Gallery 1 University Plaza Downtown Brooklyn reception: Billboards and Broadsides Marlisa Andre Anderson, Ilona Granet, Charles Hall, Bill Jacobson, Morgan O’Hara, Jessica Vaughn. Curator: Emily Feinstein, Matt Freedman 6-8


Bridgehampton NY

The Bridge 1180 Millstone Rd Bridgehampton exposition: September Art Fair at the Bridge preview



Kenise Barnes 1947 Palmer Ave Larchmont reception: Bring Your Own Sunshine Nancy Daubenspeck, Dana James, David Konigsberg; Margot Glass Shouting Flower 6:30-8

J. Cacciola • Gallery W 35 Mill St Bernardsville NJ reception: Interpreting Nature’s Palette Rebecca Saylor Sack & Julie Friedman 6-8


ART EVENTS New York  September 14 Daily Newsletter 

ART EVENTS New York September 14 Daily NewsletterSponsored by Real Estate company

Henry Madison Group  

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ART EVENTS New York  September 14 Daily Newsletter

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