Tribeca Art Night New York June 21

Tribeca Art Night New York June 21

Tribeca Art + Culture Night more than 20 venues open late, some with special events: Hunter College 205 Hudson Gallery, Alexander and Bonin, apexart, Anita Rogers,, Barney Savage, Best Made Company, Cheryl Hazan, Church School of Art and Music, Dance in Tribeca, Double Knot, Duane Park, Hal Bromm, Hercules Art Studio, Lubov, Museum Ship Lilac, New York Academy of Art, Ortuzar Projects, Page (NYC), Pearl River Mart, Postmasters, R & Company, Salomon Arts, Shirley Fiterman Art Center, Soho Photo Gallery, Studio 483, The Drawing Center, The Untitled Space, Think!Chinatown Art Space, Tribeca Community On Display, Tribeca Park, Twenty First Gallery, White Street Studios 6-9 free, for events and further information see rsvp Tribeca Art Night New York June 21
Urban Archaeology 158 Franklin St design book talk: Kathryn Scott Creating Beauty: Interiors 6-8 rsvp
Artists Space 55 Walker St reception: Jack Smith Art Crust of Spiritual Oasis 6-8
The Untitled Space 45 Lispenard St one-night only performance + screenings reception: Art in Motion: A Group Exhibition of Video and Performance Art Samantha CC, Sam Cannon, Sean Capone, Indira Cesarine, Iris Brosch, Lynn Bianchi, Brian Gonzalez, and Paul Windridge 6-9 rsvp coincides with Tribeca Art + Culture Night
Hunter MFA Gallery 205 Hudson St receptions: Axis Mundo: Queer Networks in Chicano L.A. Laura Aguilar, Jerri Allyn, Carlos Almaraz, Skot Armstrong, David Arnoff, Steven Arnold, Asco, Judith F. Baca, Alice Bag, Tosh Carrillo, Monte Cazazza, Edward Colver, Vaginal Davis, DIVA TV, Jerry Dreva, Tomata Du Plenty, Simon Doonan, Tomata du Plenty, Elsa Flores, Anthony Friedkin, Harry Gamboa Jr., Roberto Gil de Montes, Gronk, Jef Huereque, Louis Jacinto, Ray Johnson, Alison Knowles, Robert Lambert, Robert Legorreta (Cyclona), Zoe Leonard, Les Petites Bonbons, Scott Lindgren, Mundo Meza, Judy Miranda, Ray Navarro, Nervous Gender, Graciela Gutiérrez Marx and Edgardo Antionio Vigo, Richard Nieblas, Dámaso Ogaz, Pauline Oliveros, Ferrara Brain Pan, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Clemente Padín, Phranc, Ruby Ray, Albert Sanchez, Teddy Sandoval, Jack Smith, Joey Terrill, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Patssi Valdez, Ricardo Valverde, Jack Vargas, Gerardo Velázquez, Johanna Went, Faith Wilding, curated by C. Ondine Chavoya and David Evans Frantz 6-9; kick off reception for another part of exhibition at Hunter Bertha and Karl Leubsdorf Gallery 132 E 68 3-4:30

Tribeca Art Night New York June 21

Johannes Vogt 55 Chrystie St lecture: Jeffrey Alan Scudder Radical Digital Painting in conjunction with exhibition by Julia Yerger and Jeffrey Alan Scudder 6:30
Ludlow 38 38 Ludlow St talk in conjunction with Tali Keren’s exhibition Heat Signature; Keren in conversation with Ramzi Kassem 7-9 free
McKenzie 55 Orchard St reception: The Possibilities of Line 6-8
Gavin Brown’s enterprise 291 Grand St benefit auction for Pat Berran 6-9
Magenta Plains 95 Orchard St reception: Christine Wang Twilight 6-8
Magenta Plains 94 Allen St reeception: Snarl Of Twine Robert Bordo, Shirley Irons, Kathryn Kerr, Becky Kolsrud, Israel Lund, Annabeth Marks, Donald Moffett, Dona Nelson, Nikholis Planck, Lucien Smith, Roger White 6-8
Denny 261 Broome St reception: Matt Mignanelli Nocturnes 6-8
Flower Shop Restaurant 107 Eldridge St zine 10th anniversary + Issue 15 Launch Party: Put A Egg On: A Decade of The Tastiest Zine In The World! 7-11
Boo-Hooray 153 Lafayette St 5th Fl exhibition and release party: Alex Heir 6-9
Pop International Galleries 195 Bowery reception: Happy 92nd Birthday Marilyn! 7-9 reservation required
Tibor de Nagy 15 Rivington St reception: Sumertime John Ashbery, Richard Baker, Biala, Nell Blaine, Joe Brainard, Delia Brown, Rudy Burckhardt, Jim Butler, Mary Carlson, Donald Evans, Jane Freilicher, Eliott Green, Hugh Holland, Vera Iliatova, Shirley Jaffe, Hildur Jonsson Asgeirsdottir, Medrie MacPhee, Louisa Matthiasdottir, Jen Mazza, Sarah McEneaney, Ryan McGinley, John O’Reilly, Fred Reichman, Larry Rivers, James Romberger, Sandi Slone, Ann Toebbe, Alan Uglow, Susan Jane Walp, Neil Welliver and Trevor Winkfield 6-8
Betty Cunningham 15 Rivington St reception: Elizabeth Enders Waterlines 6-8
New Museum 235 Bowery workshop: Publishing Center taught by Kameelah Janan Rasheed 6:30-8:30 free, but essay required for entrance
Sperone Westwater 257 Boweryreception: Alexis Rockman New Mexico Field Drawings 6-8
Leslie-Lohman Project Space 127-B Prince St reception: Lola Flash 6-8
Karma 188 E 2 reception: Ann Craven Sunset Moon 6-8
Ilegal Mezcal x Rose Bar 31 Perry St exhibition: Tres – A Visual Exploration of the Muxes of Juchitán  Lolita Matsui and Lindsey Byrnes 7-10
Ivy Brown 675 Hudson St closing event: Primordial Sound Experience: a collaboration Animalia & Angelica Bergamini 5-8
New School Johnson Design Center 66 Fifth Ave Aronson Galleries: Architectural League Prize exhibition: Objective: An Exhibition Featuring Work from League Prize 2018 Winners Anya Sirota of Akoaki, Bryony Roberts, Gabriel Cuéllar and Athar Mufreh, Coryn Kempster, Alison Von Glinow and Lap Chi Kwong, Dan Spiegel noon-6; Kellen Auditorium: The Architectural League Prize 2018 Night I talk: Gabriel Cuellar and Athar Mufreh of Cadaster, Coryn Kempster of Julia Jamrozik,  Coryn Kempster and Bryony Roberts of Bryony Roberts Studio 7 $10 reservation Eventbrite
Tenri Cultural Institute 43a W 13 opening: Our Road: Batik x Ikat = Modern Japanese Textiles Ken Arai & Kiyo Masuyama; sake & sushi will be served, performance of Indonesian Gamelan Music provided by I.M. Harjito/Anne Stebinger, from Gamelan Kusuma Laras 6-8

The 8th Floor 17 W 17 opening: Sedimentations: Assemblage as Social Repair El Anatsui, Maren Hassinger, Elana Herzog, Samuel Levi Jones, Mary Mattingly, Lina Puerta, Michael Rakowitz, Jean Shin, Shinique Smith, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Roberto Visani, and Michael Kelly Williams 6-8 rsvp requested
Ozaneaux ArtSpace 515 W 20 exhibition: Personae: Portraits of Personal Fiction
Kathryn Markel 529 W 20 reception: Four Degrees of Abstraction Cora Cohen, Morgan Everhart, Suzanne Olivier, Xiaofu Wang, curated by Anne-Brigitte Sirois 6-8
Ricco/Maresca 529 W 20 reception: Clarence Schmidt Let’s Call it Hope 6-8
josée bienvenu 529 W 20 reception:Supports/Surfaces from Nice to New York Mark Barrow & Sarah Parke, Adam Henry and Lucas Knipscher, Marc Devade, Noël Dolla and Claude Viallat, curated by Marie Maertens as part of The Surface of the East Coast 6-8
Tanya Bonakdar 521 W 21 exhibition: Pine Barrens: Summer Group Show, New York Kelly Akashi, Mathew Cerletty, Catharine Czudej, Laeh Glenn, Samara Golden, Van Hanos, Hugh Hayden, Dan Herschlein, Elizabeth Jaeger, Zak Kitnick, Agnieszka Kurant, Ajay Kurian, Anna Pollack, Dana Powell, Kathleen Ryan, Borna Sammak, Max Hooper Schneider, Hayley Silverman, Emily Mae Smith, Slavs and Tatars, Nicole Wermers 6-8
Häfele Showroom 20 W 22 talk Showroom Design in Urban Environments Jennifer Graham and Arjav Shah who designed the Häfele Showroom reception 6-9, CEU Talk 7 rsvp Eventbrite
DC Moore 535 W 22 reception: Line Up Milton Avery, Romare Bearden, Charles Burchfield, Isabel Bishop, Paul Cadmus, David Driskell, Edward Hopper, Mark Innerst, Valerie Jaudon, Robert Kushner, Franz Kline, Jacob Lawrence, Whitfield Lovell, Nathan Oliveira, Katia Santibañez, Ben Shahn, Claire Sherman, Michael Stamm, Barbara Takenaga, George Tooker, Darren Waterston; Zig Zag Zig Chie Fueki, Joyce Kozloff, Doron Langberg, Bridget Mullen, Duane Michals, Didier William, Alexi Worth 6-8
Anna Zorina 533 W 23 reception: George Rouy Leaking Visions of Red 6-8
Fredericks & Freiser 536 W 24 exhibition: 4 Artists Felipe Baeza, Jenna Gribbon, Anja Salonen, Vaughn Spann
Unix 532 W 24 exhibition: Pablo Dona Neverland
C24 560 W 24 brunch: Tommy Hartung in conjunction with Hartung’s  R.U.R. 11
Marianne Boesky 507 W 24 reception: Sue de Beer The White Wolf 6-8
Marianne Boesky 509 W 24 panel and reception: The Mechanics of Fluids  Lynda Benglis, Elisa Breton, Helen Frankenthaler, Jacqueline Humphries, Lisa Oppenheim, Laura Owens, Charlotte Posenenske, Josephine Pryde, Eileen Quinlan, Amy Sillman, Mika Tajima, Melissa Gordon, curated by Melissa Gordon; panel and featuring Melissa Gordon, Lisa Oppenheim, and Eileen Quinlan, moderated by William J. Simmons 5, reception 6-8
Bowery 530 W 25 reception: Walter Strach Claiming Territory: Two Acres in the Catskills 6-8
Marlborough Contemporary 545 W 25 reception: Yoshiaki Mochizuki Palenville; Margo Wolowiec Still Water, Circling Palms; Aaron Young, Tony Labat, curated by Leo Fitzpatrick 6-8
Sears-Peyton  210 11th Ave book relese party and exhibition: Tyler Haughey Everything Is Regional 6
Walter Wickiser 210 11th Ave exhibition: Gallery Artists Part XV Kiyomi Baird, Peter Burega, Danielle Rahe Fox, Edmund Ian Grant, Bill Jackson, Meighen Jackson, Phyllis Krim, Dennis Kleidon, Judith Gale Mont, Florence Putterman, Nancy Newman Rice, Cliff Tseng, Nortio Udagawa, Preeti Varma
Daniel Cooney 508-526 W 26 reception: Into The Light Laure Albin-Guillot, Jese Tarbox Beals, Ilse Bing, Nydia Blas, Julia Margaret Cameron, Vivian Cherry, Phyllis Christopher, Joyce Culver, Imogen Cunningham, Joy Episalla, Lola Flash, Arlene Gottfried, Elizabeth Heyert, Kia Labeija, Joanne Leonard, Pixy Liao, Hailun Ma, Barbara Morgan, Ruth Orkin, Emilie Regnier, Marcia Resnick, Erika Stone, Gail Thacker, Annie Tritt, Stacy Lynn Waddell, Sophia Wallace 6-8
Field Projects 526 W 26 reception: Expectations RISD MFA 1st Year Pop-Up: amuel Drake, Zuhal Feraidon, Evan Gilbert, Dylan Hurwitz, Zahra Jewanjee, Katelyn Ledford, Alex McAdoo, Emilie Stark-Menneg, and Nathan Prebonick 6-8
First Street 526 W 26 reception: 2018 National Juried Exhibition Donald Beal (MA), Marta Beltramo (CT), Stephanie Blumenthal (MA), Betty Branch (VA), Donna Corvi (NY), William Dooley (AL), Anne Doris-Eisner (CT), Stephanie Doty (IN), Michael Elsasser (NY), Kathryn Fanelli (MA), Eva Marie Fitzsimmons (NJ), Elliott Gilbert (NJ), Lindsy Halleckson (MN), Dennis Hartley (WA), Gosha Karpowicz (NY), Loretta Ana Kaufman (TN), Kristin Kesting (MA), Kerrie King (NY), Sam Koren (NJ), Louise Laffaille (NY), Johnny Lai (NJ), Tracy Lambros (MD), Rebecca LeFevre (NY), Richard Light (MI), Madolyn Locke (GA), Paola Martínez Fiterre (NY), Kate McCammon (PA), Kathleen Miles (NY), Martin Mugar (NH), Armin Muhsam (MO), James Mullen (ME), Paul Murray (RI), Anna Muslimova (NJ), Petrea Noyes (ME), Steve Payne (AZ), Zakriya Rabani (FL), Kristina Robinson (NY), Ewa Romaszewicz (MA), Donald Rush (VA), Jeffrey Salzer (NJ), Priscila Schott (NY), Carl Scorza (NY), D.A. Terzian (NY), Jesse Thomas (OR), Heinz Wipfler (NY), Don Wunderlee (CT), Michael Yurick (NY), Zach Zecha (PA), curated by Ronnie Landfield 6-8
CG Boerner 526 W 26 reception: Paul Shore Water Towers 6-9
Morgan Lehman 2 526 W 26 reception: Living/Breathing Samuel Boehm, Brian Edgerton, Daniel Giordano, Jamie Powell, Lina Puerta, Leah Tacha 6-8
Albertz Benda 515 W 26 reception: Kelly Reemtsen Value; Zoe Buckman Heavy Rag 6-8
Friedman Benda 515 W 26 exhibitions; Ron Arad Fishes & Crows, 1985-1994; Jonathan Trayte Fruiting Habits
Davidson Contemporary 521 W 26 reception: Joe Rudko Advanced Techniques of Photography 6-8
Paul Kasmin 293 10th Ave recpetion: Seed Theodora Allen, Morgan Blair, Sascha Braunig, Cecily Brown, Ginny Casey, Jessica Craig-Martin, Lacey Dorn, Rachel Feinstein, Vanessa German, Loie Hollowell, Shara Hughes, Baseera Khan, Sanam Khatibi, Kate Klingbeil, Hein Koh, Emily Marie Miller, Wangechi Mutu, Sophia Narrett, Katherina Olschbaur, Yoko Ono, Ebony G. Patterson, Sarah Peters, Ruby Sky Stiler, Claire Tabouret, Ambera Wellmann, Summer Wheat, Robin F. Williams, HieJin Yoo, Lisa Yuskavage, and Sarah Zapata, curated by Yvonne Force 6-8
Paul Kasmin 297 10th Ave exhibition: Robert Indiana One Through Zero
Nancy Hoffman 520 W 27 exhibition: Flowering Joan Bankemper, David Bierk, Carolyn Brady, Timothy Cummings, Don Eddy, Nathalia Edenmont, Juan Gonzalez, Michael Gregory, Katerina Lanfranco, Hung Liu, Lisea Lyons, Lynn McCarty, Joseph Raffael, Bill Richards 6-8
Paul Kasmin 515 W 27 exhibition: Almost Solid Light: New Works from Mexico Adrián S. Bará, Pablo Davila, Cynthia Gutiérrez, Circe Irasema, Valentina Jager, Mario Navarro, Jerónimo Reyes Retana, Gabriel Rico, Javier Rodríguez, Claudia Peña Salinas, Tezontle, Fabiola Torres-Alzaga, and Alvaro Ugarte
The Painting Center 547 W 27  reception: JuxtaPositions curated by Anthony Cuneo, Alannah Farrell and Robin Feld 6-8
Viridian 547 W 27 reception: 29th Annual International Juried Exhibition winners Beverly Smith, Song Park;  Samantha Lamprecht with Shayee Awoyomi, Chellis Baird, David Bartlett, M. Mark Bauer, Sara Catapano, Andrew Chalfen,
Christopher Daniggelis, Gina DeCagna, Uday Dhar, Steph Gorin, Maki Hajikano, Jingmei Han, Joan Harmon, You Jin Jeong, Hyun Jung Ji, Betsy Meyer, Heidi Nam, Perez Reiter, Maria Santiago, Bushra Shamma, Nadia Yaron, Zach Zecha, juried by Johanna Burton 6-8
K&P Gallery 547 W 27 reception: Thankfulness for God’s Gifts: A Family Group Show 6-8
Casey Kaplan 121 W 27 reception: Jason Dodge hand in hand with the handless 6-8
Anders Wahlstedt 548 W 28 Suite 636 reception: Lisbeth McCoy Selected Works, 2010-2018 6-8
326 Gallery 326 7th Ave reception: Ethan Minsker Ghost Gun 2 6-8:30
Javits Convention Center 555 W 34 convention: AIA Conference on Architecture: Blueprint for Better Cities various events, ticketed, through Saturday
Sean Kelly 475 10th Ave reception: Ravelled Threads Igshaan Adams, Joël Andrianomearisoa, Ayan Farah, Aboubakar Fofana, Alexandra Karakashian, Abdoulaye Konaté, Lawrence Lemaoana, Senzeni Marasela, Zohra Opoku and Athi-Patra Ruga 6-8
Art Students League Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery 215 W 57 reception: The Final Project Exhibition Laura Santiago Monteiro, Milan Sharma, Diana Buitrago, Eda Erdik, Yukako Ishida, Beñat Iglesias López 5:30-7:30

Keith De Lellis 41 E 57 exhibition: PA * JA * MA Paul Cadmus, Jared French, Margaret French MAG*IC RE*AL*ISM
Davis & Langdale 231 E 60 exhibition: Albert York Recent Acquisitions
Gladstone 64 130 E 64 installation: Safe Richard Artschwager, Robert Mapplethorpe, Sam McKinniss, Bruce Nauman, Philippe Parreno, Marina Pinsky and Richard Prince
Anita Shapolsky 152 E 65 reception: Different Strokes Denise Carvalho, Amaranth Ehrenhalt, Lorna Ritz, Ce Roser, Marc Van Cauwenbergh, Alison Weld 6-8
Henrique Faria 35 E 67 reception: For Freedoms: a Benefit Exhibition in Support of Acción Por La Libertad 6-9
Hunter College Bertha and Karl Leubsdorf Gallery 132 E 68 reception: Axis Mundo: Queer Networks in Chicano L.A. 3-4:30; also at Hunter MFA 205 Hudson St, reception 6-9

Tribeca Art Night New York June 21

Socrates Sculpture Park 32-01 Vernon Blvd Long Island City  performances and events: Solstice celebration 5-dusk; Summer Soulstice Sunset Ceremony with Urban Shaman Mama Donna Henes 7:30 free
Cigar Factory 9-20 35th Ave Long Island City reception: Allow me to Reintroduce Myself curated by Krista Scenna and Carolina Peñafiel 5-9
Kinfolk 94 94 Wythe Ave Williamsburg launch event: Fila x Kinfolk 7 rsvp Splashthat
Signal 260 Johnson Ave Bushwick reception: GDPR: Group Display of Paintings and Renderings Sedrick Chisom, Alex Gardner, Haley Josephs, Kristina Lee, Paul Anthony Smith, and Margaux Valengin 6-9
Art During The Occupation 119 Ingraham St Bushwick Summer Solstice Gallery Party 7-9 BYOB
3rd Ethos 154 Knickerbocker Ave Bushwick reception: Hang it or Sk8 it- Decked Out Street Art painted decks, featuring the dopest street artists from NY, LA and Miami 7
Slag 56 Bogart St Bushwick reception: Alex Yudzon Common Table; Hannah Cole Wrong Side of the Border 6-8
Spoonbill Studio 99 Montrose Bushwick book reading and signing: Tao Lin Trip: Psychedlics, Alienation, and Change (Vintage Original)
FiveMyles 558 Saint Johns Place Crown Heights collaborative dance, music, and visual arts project: Lavi Miyò exhibition by Nathalie Jolivert, performance by Veroneque Ignace and Kriyol Dance 6:30-9 also Friday
Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts 80 Hanson Place artist talk  in conjunction with Where I Seek, I Find Myself  moderated by curators Laylah Amatullah Barrayn and Adama Delphine Fawundu 7-8:30
Brooklyn Arts Fellowship Gallery 210 24th St Sunset Park reception: Out of Order: a pop up exhibition Nelsena Burt-Spano, Ezra Cohen, Francs Segismundo 7-9:30

Alice Austen House 2 Hylan Boulevard Staten Island afternoon tea and  classical performance on the lawn celebrating 1 year anniversary of  designation as a national site of LGBTQ history: talk by Joan E. Biren, performance by Musical Chairs Chamber Ensemble 4-6 free

Tribeca Art Night New York June 21

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