Verdi AIDA San Francisco Opera with Brilliant Luciano Pavarotti

Sam Wanamaker (stage director), Garcia Navarro (conductor) – With Margaret Price (Aida), Luciano Pavarotti (Radamès), Simon Estes (Amonsaro)

VerdiAida– San Francisco Opera:

  • Sam Wanamaker | Stage director
  • Douglas Schmidt | Set designer
  • Lawrence Casey | Costume designer
  • Thomas Munn | Lighting designer
  • Roger Gans | Sound Designer
  • Margo Sappington | Choreographer
  • Margaret Price | Aida
  • Luciano Pavarotti | Radamès
  • Simon Estes | Amonsaro
  • Stefania Toczyska | Amneris
  • Kevin Langan | The King of Egypt
  • Kurt Rydl | Ramfis
  • Colenton Freeman | Messenger
  • Christian Holder | Solo Dancer
  • San Francisco Opera Chorus
  • Richard Bradshaw | Chorus director
  • San Francisco Opera Ballet
  • San Francisco Opera Orchestra
  • Garcia Navarro | Conductor
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A magnificent spectacle of stars, scenery and choreography, this version of Verdi’s Aïda is remastered from Sam Wanamaker’s landmark production. It features monumental performances by Luciano Pavarotti as Radames and Margaret Price in the title role. The tensions which arise from Radames’ love for Aida, a slave who is the daughter of the Ethiopian chieftain, Amonasro, and the jealousy this provokes in the daughter in Amneris, daughter of the Egyptian king, are portrayed in some of Verdi’s most famous music.

Verdi: Aida- San Francisco Opera

An Aida with all the traditional trimmings, starring two of the greatest opera stars of the 20th century, Sam Wanamaker’s 1981 production with Luciano Pavarotti as Radames and Margaret Price as Aida at the San Francisco Opera was one for the ages. Watch the captivating performance in this archival film.

Pavarotti in fine voice as a properly heroic Radames, Margaret Price floating melting pianissimos out into the audience, Stefania Toczyska’s high-voltage singing… Sam Wanamaker’s Aida is a delight for the eyes and the ears! Hollywood-like production values invested in the costumes and scenery bring ancient Egypt to life in grand style, and the Spanish conductor Garcia Navarro masterfully leads the San Francisco Opera Orchestra in Verdi’s classic score.

Verdi AIDA San Francisco Opera

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