Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition Conference June 10-11 New York  Microsoft, 11 Time Square   

Mon, Jun 10 – Tue, Jun 11


Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition flagship conference in NYC about Building a Resilient Future.

Date And Time

Mon, Jun 10, 2019, 8:00 AM –

Tue, Jun 11, 2019, 1:00 PM EDT

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Microsoft Center

11 Time Square

New York, NY 10036

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About this Event

Global leading innovators, companies, government, NGOs and foundations that are at the forefront of leveraging technology to further their mission will be engaging in a two-day conference.

The first day will focus on dialogues and workshop connecting the participants to understand what are the effective solutions that are being deployed.  The second day is a half-day that will activate our working groups.

Register today! Check out the agenda and speakers Here

This year’s speakers include:

  • Accenture, Alissa Worley
  • Fullcycle, Stephan Nicoleau,
  • Mercy Corp, Ric Shreves
  • Code to inspire, Fereshteh Forough
  • World Food Program, Robert Opp
  • New America, Tomicah Tilleman
  • Celsius network, Alex Mashinsky
  • The Earth Institute, Donna Redel
  • Oxfam, Sandra Hart
  • Gitcoin, Kevin Owocki
  • Microsoft, Yorke Rhodes
  • WorkMarket, Jeff Wald
  • Mcpherson Strategies, Susan Mcpherson
  • Nori, Paul Gambill
  • Future Perfect Ventures, Jalak Jobanputra
  • Blockchain Charity Foundation, Jill Ni
  • World Bank, Robert J. Hawkins
  • Tal Oron, GoodDollar
  • Steve Waterhouse, Orchid Labs
  • Global Blockchain Business Council, Sandra Ro
  • Coinfund, Jake Brukhman
  • Dadanyc, Beatriz Helena Ramos
  • Viant, Tyler Mulvihill
  • Christa Foster Crawford, Freedom Resource International
  • Women in Blockchain, Thessy Mehrain
  • The Giving Block, Alex Wilson
  • Alice, Raphael Mazet
  • Tetra Tech, Jolyne Sanjak
  • World Bank, Aanchal Anand
  • ConsenSys, Silvana Rodriguez
  • Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Mauricio Tovar Gutiérrez

This year’s speakers include:

  • Joe Lubin, CEO, ConsenSys
  • Lesly Goh, CTO, World Bank
  • Nick Beglinger, Co-Founder & CEO, Cleantech21 Foundation
  • Rohini Srihari, Chief Data Scientist, PeaceTech Lab
  • Tomicah Sterling Tillemann-Dick, Director of the Bretton Woods II, New America
  • Rave Mehta, Managing Director / Board Member, Mehta Group
  • Decker Rolph, Board Director, Calvert Impact Capital
  • Chris Fabian, Senior Advisor on Innovation to the Executive Director, UNICEF
  • Matthew Iles, CEO and Founder, Civil
  • Meghan O’Donnell, Director Financial Inclusion, World Council
  • Pia Mancini, Founder, Democracy Earth foundation
  • Alexander Dale, Senior Officer, MIT Solve
  • Abdelhamid Benyahia, CoFounder, Dether
  • Greg Diprisco, Head of Business Development, MakerDao
  • Yorke Rhodes, Founder Blockchain at Microsoft

Agenda overview:

June 10th conference :

  • Start Time: 8:00 AM – registration
  • End Time: 7:00 PM – with Cocktails

June 11th working groups :

  • Start Time: 8:30 AM
  • End Time: 1:00 PM

For more information, click here.

$50 of the ticket fee goes to the Blockchain for Social Impact Conference III. The balance of the ticket price will be donated to the non-profit, Blockchain for Social Impact, to further its mission to educate businesses and organizations on blockchain for social good projects worldwide.


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